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Microbes: A New Perspective

There are a number of nutrionalists today discussing a topic many are unaware of. We are not fully in control of what happens in our bodies. We have a partnering relationship with trillions of microbes inside us.

These microscopic creatures outnumber our human cells and have a strong impact. They provide us with the aid we need to against disease. With enough good microbes, we can defend against harmful pathogens.,bacteria%20that%20make%20us%20sick.

Bacteria get first dibs on what we take into our body. There are a variety of different microbes which require different food. If they don’t get what they need they are be repressed and lost.

Nutrionalist Compton Rom has a complete health philosophy and company based on Micro biological eco-terrain. The idea is to take in proper bacteria in order to run your body at maximum health. From your mouth to your gut and all over your body, you will find living bacteria.

Science is now capable of seeing the relationship of an individual’s inner bacteria to their health. Studies show connections between the absence of microbes and health issues. They have discovered that your inner microbiome is a strong indicator of your state of health.

Microbes in our digestive system will get what they need from our food, or they will get it from our bodies. Therefore if your diet consists of processed foods they will reject it, taking nutrition from your body instead. If they still don’t find what they need, they will leave your body therfore depriving you of their benefits to your eco-terrain.

There are additional things that can damage your microbiome. Taking frequent antibiotics can kill your healthy bacteria and leave you vulnerable to pathogens. Although it will get rid of infection, the lost bacteria won’t be replenished. The best way to recover them is through eating quality foods.

I already eat plenty of whole unprocessed foods, but it’s nice to understand it from this perspective. When eating unaltered foods you are feeding your eco-terrain. The more variety, the greater possibility of new healthy bacteria.

Prebiotics and Probiotics have become very popular to help improve gut health. A great probiotic option for replenishment is fermented foods. Microbes naturally ferment food in the digestion process, making it easier to absorb nutrients. Eating fermented foods can make their job easier, therefore promoting your healthy gut.

I began eating a bite of saurkraut and kimchi everyday to gain an edge in weight loss. It is possible it may have contributed to me losing 34lbs in 2.5 months. I held a steady diet of fermented foods followed by healthy fats. (pistachios, avocado, and nuts etc.)

I also tried fermented beets (..awful) and a few other fermented supplements from the health food store.

The mouth is a highly concentrated area for microbes. They get their first exposure to food and begin to break down food naturally. The fermentation process converts sugars into acid. Therefore comsuming too many sugars can lead to decay and other issues. It is important to brush daily and floss to prevent bad bacteria, although mouthwashes can kill healthy beneficial bacteria.

“Science is an attempt, largely successful, to understand the world, to get a grip on things, to get hold of ourselves, to steer a safe course. Microbiology and meteorology now explain what only a few centuries ago was considered sufficient cause to burn women to death.”

Carl Sagan

I am still searching for more ways to improve my healthy bacteria. Many of the specific products I have looked into are unavailable at this time. If you have any additional tips for microbiome health please feel free to share!


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