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A great second entry due to it’s simplicity. Being a natural anti-inflammatory with other mental health benefits, turmeric is a great addition to your health routine. As a bonus it is very available and affordable.

My first dive into it’s use was a recipe for Golden Milk. More popular in India, the beverage is a remedy for regaining quality sleep. I discovered this recipe online and was intrigued. After making a few mugs of it I enjoyed it enough to expand further. I made a big jar and heated a cup every night. It most definitely effective in restoring my sleep routine. It had a settling effect and drowsy sensation that made going to sleep easier. At the time I was also tracking my dreams and noticed an increase in dream recall.

Full of beneficial ingredients, Golden Milk had an immediate effect on my rest and well being. I introduced it to my girlfriend Bridget who also observed potent results similar to a sleeping pill.

Adjusting the taste is easy enough using almond milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and black pepper. The turmeric and fat of the almond milk work together and the pepper acts as an activation.

Along with other sleeping routines such as turning the TV off an hour before bed and sleeping at the same time every night, I reestablished a steady routine of deep quality sleep.

From there I explored further with turmeric tea. After sampling a few brands I discovered Rishi tea and quickly recognized it as top notch quality. Each box is double the price of an average tea at $9.99 yet the price is worth it. The turmeric ginger tea is my favorite and gives me similar effect to the Golden Milk recipe but without the extra work.

Upon researching further and listening to various podcasts, it became clear to me that there are many health benefits. Particularly when it is combined with green Tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and pairs well with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. Sources claim that together they are great for boosting your immune system. I have even heard a few interviews suggest it being a solid preemptive defense and remedy for covid symptoms.

Since my exploration of turmeric I have noticed an increase in it’s popularity. When I saw the Golden Milk Latte at Starbucks I figured it is something that is catching on.

Aside from the calming effects, turmeric is a remedy for aches, pains and headaches. I’ve gone further and begun using fermented turmeric from my local health store. The fermentation assists in bringing the effect to your head to clear inflammation.

The evidence is convincing enough to give it try. I have enjoyed the calming and healing effect of turmeric and sneak it into anything I can. I slip it in my coffee and my tea. When cooking I try to sneak some in for my kids. (don’t tell them)

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. Feel free to share your experience and any other healthy tips you have had success with.

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One thought on “Turmeric

  1. I use turmeric in cooking and yes golden milk is popular and beneficial to many.. I hadn’t come across fermented turmeric something I will look up.. Good informative post 🙏


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