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Wear Your Vitamins: A New Experience

Wait what?

This is an intriguing idea in the spirit of trying new things. There is a product providing daily vitamins to wear on your skin in the form of a patch. The idea being that absorbtion efficiency is better than pills because 60-70% of vitamins are lost through the digestive system. My thoughts were.. that makes sense right?

According to a study in the American Journal of Public Health, 64% of contaminates exposed to the skin are absorbed. It is the largest organ in the human body and anything it comes in contact with ends up in the bloodstream. Eager to see this applied to nutrition, I purchased a few boxes of Patch 4 All to discover it’s effectiveness.

The package was even smaller than expected. The envelope held a sheet of little 1in soft patches. It was incredible to believe there was nutrition there.

I first tried the Alpha Omega Ultimate which included Omega 3 Acid, Turmeric, Vitamin D3, and CBD. This option was a bit more expensive so I ordered a sample 6 pack. I wanted to play with this first before moving on to other supplements.

It suggested to apply the patch to the back or shoulder. It peeled easy like a sticker and adhered to the skin without discomfort.

On the first day I experienced potent results. I seemed hyper alert, as if I couldn’t stay focused on one thing before moving on to something else. I was very productive, but I did not feel like myself. It was difficult to slow my mind down and I felt irritable.

Before using the patch I had just completed a weight loss goal. I considered perhaps I was extra sensitive to what I was putting in my body. I had also eaten a lot of protein in attempt to switch my diet. The effect could be a result of other sources. I made a conscious decision to resume my normal eating routine the next day and try the patch again.

The following day began differently. As the morning progressed I felt relaxed and a bit lag. I wasn’t as sharp as usual and was not a fan of it. Then as the day progressed I began noticing symptoms of the previous day. I became hyper aware again and irritable. I recognized that I wasn’t myself and removed the patch immediately.

On a positive note, I had confirmed that the patches do work. This was just a patch that I didn’t want to use at all. I decided to take a week break before trying the next one.

Next I tried the B12 Pro. Loaded with 9 different B vitamins and promising a day of quality energy.

I was happy to find a better experience. The effect was more subtle and similar to other comparable B12 energy supplements. As a bonus it contained no caffeine therfore I did not have a significant crash. Multiple days of the B12 brought similar results. I felt energized and productive.

There was one night I had trouble sleeping which I believe to be unrelated to the supplement. The follow day the patch did not overcome the energy loss. Some things can’t replace quality sleep.

The final supplement was a standard multivitamin. The days on this patch I felt like my normal self without any observable changes in state. It felt particularly good when paired with a high protein breakfast.

My girlfriend Bridget also tried using the patch as well sharing similar results. She had better luck with the Alpha Omega Ultimate. In her busy routine she found it helpful to relax on stressful days. I also got her a pack of beauty health patches, but she doesn’t need it. (Brownie points acheived)

Overall I had success. It was nice to have the patch throughout the day knowing it was giving a steady stream of vitamins. With some tweaking on which patches fit best, it turned out to be an adequate option for nutritional supplementation.

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience.”

Albert Einstein

I tried something new and gained some knowledge. I encourage anyone to play around with these and find out if they work for you. Make sure to check the ingredients to know what it is your are putting in your body. If you do try it, please reach out and let me know your experience!


Published by Tomrebro

I am actively seeking the healthiest lifestyle for myself and to share with others. No matter what that means in any area of study

5 thoughts on “Wear Your Vitamins: A New Experience

  1. An interesting experiment.. Not one I would try as I prefer to get my vitamins through my diet although I do accept that in certain circumstances that the weather and time of year play a part so an extra supplement may be required at certain times of the year..

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