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Share Experience: Recently Enjoyed Blogs

In the spirit of sharing experiences, here are some of the more recent blogs I have enjoyed. The topics are varied and if you see something you like click the link and support the writers. Enjoy!


I have recently got into breathing exercises and breathing meditation again. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. One day, I woke up and something told me that I had to start that again that day. I had no choice but listen to it and I am glad I did. I was not feeling bad those days but there was some uneasiness in me that I could not understand. My other strategies were not working. Only this worked.       

This got me thinking though. Why is breathing so special? Here… 

This Too Shall Pass…

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

As day follows night

Spring follows winter

Ebbs must follow every tide!

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

Night is the coldest

And is the darkest

Just before dawn!…

Be Scared and Do It Anyway….

“Why am I doing this??” 

That is a literal question I ask myself at least once, if not several times, during each ride I set out on. Mountain biking for me is challenging, like really challenging. It pushes my body and mind to extremes that I haven’t experienced in any other sport or endeavor I have taken on before or since. There are points during each ride that I feel like quitting. The route gets tough. My lungs start screaming for air. My legs begin to feel like they are on fire or I am just faced with terrain that challenges all the skills I thought I had picked up along the way.

In addition to all of that, to say I have a healthy fear of falling and really doing damage to myself might be an understatement. But the flip side is, I have become addicted to not only the adrenaline rush that comes with this type of sport but possibly even more to the feeling of continually looking this particular type of fear in the eye and not backing down from the challenge.

Whatever You Don’t Want

Consider this possibility: Everything you don’t want in your life (pain, loss, difficult relationships, fear) could be there as a catalyst for you on your soul journey in this lifetime. What you resist or reject may be your greatest teacher. We come to Earth to have experiences, the full spectrum, not just the “good stuff.” That’s what being human is all about. And what is “good” anyway? The viewpoints of today can be completely reversed tomorrow. What you grieve over losing may later be shown to be a huge blessing. So what if everything is a blessing, no matter what it looks like?

How Deep Connections Increase Our Compassion

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk about connection. More specifically, it was titled, the Year of Continued Connection. The talk was delivered at our Community Education Instructor Forum. An event we’ve been planning and delivering for, well, almost three years now.

Healthy Eating …Snacking is it good for you ?

Snacking can be an important part of your diet if you stick to a few simple rules…It is healthy to snack if you have a long time between the next meal…sticking it out generally doesn’t will either head for the biscuit tin or the fridge and have just one…?

It can also help stop you overeating at meal times because you are just soooo hungry…

Vegan Recipe : Healthy Homestyle Cabbage Sabzi

I’m pretty certain everyone knows cabbage is extremely healthy. It has so much fiber and an insane amount of vitamin C. Yes, a whole lot more than many fruits too. They are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants reducing inflammation, thereby keeping your cells and your skin younger and healthier. It is so affordable and easily available throughout the country. There is so much you can do with cabbage. I have made many fancy dishes using this humble vegetable. But, today I bring you a simple, quick, easy and extremely healthy way to cook this guy with just a handful of ingredients. So let’s get started.


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I am actively seeking the healthiest lifestyle for myself and to share with others. No matter what that means in any area of study

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