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Taking Breaks

I’ve gone a while without writing this blog. It was necessary for self care and self love. When I began writing it was a fun adventure. Along with it came unexpected struggles.

I began writing this health benefit blog to share my knowledge and help others improve their lives. My message grew deeper to be about healthy living in any way possible. I began to dive into ideas that are are as much mental as they are physical. Having positive energy for positive health.

I embraced my fear of being exposed and felt the outcome. Being seen and heard makes me feel vulnerable and it is not easy. Stepping out of my comfort zone to find my voice brought pressure. I had not really considered that people would listen to what I am saying. What I did not expect was the pressure of succeeding.

I had a lot on my mind. I was actively seeking to change jobs. I was planning a trip to Sedona to propose to the amazing woman in my life Bridget McKenzie. It was a big year with satisfying steps.

When I was suddenly in the spotlight I had an overwhelming fear of what it would mean. I took on more than I could handle and the result was a very necessary scale back of the activity I had been pursuing.

There is an analogy from one of my favorite authors Frederick Dodson about life flowing like a river. It is suggested that the best courses of action are to flow with the river of life or take a break on the side. Going against the flow is what drains energy.

As I accomplished my set out goals, I took a good break from the flow and it was needed. Now I am happily engaged and settled in my new job. I am in a place to continue writing and face challenges again.

The important thing I learned from the experience is that even doing nothing is accomplishing something. Taking a break to recover is showing yourself the self care that you need.

If you have had these moments where breaks have been needed please share you experience!


Published by Tomrebro

I am actively seeking the healthiest lifestyle for myself and to share with others. No matter what that means in any area of study

2 thoughts on “Taking Breaks

  1. Good post,sometimes we push ourselves too much and we end dysfunctional.So yeah its good that you took the break.Hoping to learn more from.your blog.
    Hope you did propose to the love of your life.Enjoy life!


  2. Love this! Looks like you’re learning some really IMPORTANT LESSONS!!!
    And for whatever reason…the Universe, God, Consciousness…you pick…brought me to this post bc I am almost NEVER on here anymore.
    Letting myself be guided to my own next big steps!!!

    Congrats on the engagement!!
    Best of wishes!!

    Actually pet sitting…Golden Retriever pups due any minute …as my son and HIS fiance enjoy some time on the ski slopes.

    Keep listening to your INNER VOICE!!! BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!! Don’t be afraid to go deep within!! Where the “GOLD” is found!!!
    Best wishes for a blessed holiday! Healthy new year!!
    And forever RICH life!!!

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