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Nervous System training

Are you aware of your nervous system?

Often we go through life subconsciously seeking stimulation. Our nervous system reacts, resulting in an adrenal rush followed by a return to calm. We crave that sensation. Is there a more proactive approach?

Instead of waiting for stimulation to hit us, can we step into it and take it head on?

1. Cold exposure

When beginning the day with a cold shower, you activate and stimulate the nervouse system. The evidence is there if you have the will power to do it. Will you train your body to acclimate and adapt to anything to day will bring?

2. Meditation

With such high stimulation in today’s world, we can train our bodies to return to center. When you are calm use it to relax and go deep. When you are scattered use it to recenter. This mindfullness improves the more we use it. Will you use it to your benefit?

3. Breathwork

Breathing does wonders for us when we make the time for it. Take a quick break right now. Breath 5 seconds in, hold, and 5 seconds out. Did you enjoy it? Can you get curious and find your own breathing practice?

4. Thrill seeking

Push your boundaries. Get uncomfortable. Do something that you wouldn’t do. Go to that space that makes you a little terrified and feel the rush.

We live in a world that wants you to stay safe and in protective mode. Living this way will hit you hard when you meet unprepared stimulation. Can you train yourself to let nothing stop you as you enjoy the ride?

We can seek our own stimulation or let stimulation happen to us. Can we step into our own power?


Published by Tomrebro

I am actively seeking the healthiest lifestyle for myself and to share with others. No matter what that means in any area of study

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